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Work Academies and Pre-Employment Training

The purpose to our work academies is to provide you with the skills to work in your chosen sector, you will receive pre-employment training to also improve your application and interview technique.

During the pre-employment stage, you will sit a 2-4 week course on your chosen sector where you will gain the essential skills for the working environment.

We offer the following courses:

Across all of our courses, learners will benefit from gaining Level 1 employability and customer service skills, as well as basic Maths and English.

We provide the following employability skills:

Interview Skills


Career Progression

Money Management

Team Working

Problem Solving

We provide these skills to guide learners throughout the application and interview process.

Employers will also benefit from our training

Employers will gain trained employees and can also use our services to upskill in their current position and sector.

Application form support

Bespoke pre-employment

Training Interview support

Advertising posts

Recruitment and selection

Pre-screening candidates